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Our People

As a small to medium sized business ourselves, our local team at Greenview Accounting Group are focused on helping you secure and grow enterprise. We understand that a successful business enables our clients to live their ideal lifestyle, so we provide consistent support and clear communication so you can reach your personal and business goals.

Our Vision

To inspire people to live their dreams.

Our Mission

To use our accounting expertise, experience and business relationships to enable our clients, our staff and our investors to realise their personal and financial goals.

Why Choose Greenview?

  • Results-Driven

    Our qualified team practices what they preach, which is why we know that our advice gets real results.

  • Ethical Advice

    Our team deliver ethical advice that is designed to help your business.

  • Professional Service

    Provide the highest standards of professionalism to our clients.

  • Empowering Clients

    We're focused on empowering our clients by sharing our in-depth knowledge and insight.

Meet Our Team

  • Tracey Keily
    The Tea Lady

    Tracey is a friendly, helpful and experienced team member with 30+ years of accounting and taxation expertise. From starting up a business to growth strategies and selling an enterprise, Tracey offers expert advice that you can rely on.

  • Jodie Smith
    Jack of All Trades

    With 20+ years of experience across accounting, taxation, banking and finance, Jodie offers expertise in a range of areas including taxation, finance, superannuation, SMSFs and business advisory services.

  • Greenview Accounting


    We have a team of highly skilled executives to assist you with all aspects of Accounting and Taxation.

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